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Don't Ask - A6 Postcard

Don't Ask - A6 Postcard

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Jay Hulme is an award-winning transgender performance poet from Leicester. His work encompasses both adult and children’s poetry which covers themes as diverse as civil and human rights, family dynamics, politics. As part of his advocacy work Jay has performed at TEDx Teen at The O2 in London, run by Nile Rodger's We Are Family Foundation. This is an important subject in society.

The message behind the design is simple; trans people should be regarded just as important as any other individual, not segregating them within society. We are all humans who, breathe, sleep and have emotions. Trans people like anyone else have equal rights which is important to display with conviction. Jay permits this crucial message in his designs such as; ‘If You Don’t Ask Strangers About Their Genitals, Don’t Ask Trans People’, ‘Ignorance of Trans Struggles is not an Accident, it is all Absolutely Deliberate’ and ‘Trans Rights Are Human Rights.’

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  • A6 Postcard
  • Great gift idea
  • Remind people that you're thinking of them
  • Proceedings help to support mental health of young people in Bristol and surrounding area