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You Do You - A6 Postcard

You Do You - A6 Postcard

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This intelligent phrase is one of two designs Jenni Sparks has provided OTR with. She is an illustrator, designer, map maker and typography designer originally from Somerset. She has created illustrations for New York, Paris, Berlin and San Francisco, working with clients such as Adidas, Nike and Lonely Planet.

‘You Do You’ is the perfect example of finding inner-peace within one’s-self, illustrating the message that it is not necessarily to always to conform to other peoples opinion, and it is in fact this perception which entails the uniqueness of individuals. This design portrays an important message which encourages creativity and meaningfulness within people.

You can find out more about Jenni and her work here

  • A6 Postcard
  • Great gift idea
  • Remind people that you're thinking of them
  • Proceedings help to support mental health of young people in Bristol and surrounding area